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Franchising is one of the world’s most successful business models — a system that enables expansion of an enterprise and an opportunity for entrepreneurs to own and operate a business with a recognized brand name. In a franchise, a business licenses its trade name (McDonald’s, Marriott, Meineke, TruValue Hardware, etc.) to a person or group who agree to operate according to the terms of a franchise agreement. Franchisors (the brands) provide support, visibility and training while owners & operators (franchisees) control daily operations.

Franchising is a made-in-America business model that is now exported all over the world. U.S. brands have created an industry that in the U.S. is responsible for 1 in 8 jobs and $2.1 trillion in economic development through its nearly 900,000 establishments. Franchising is expanding rapidly in every corner of the world.

Through its advocacy, education and public affairs efforts, the International Franchising Association (IFA) is the oldest and largest organization representing franchising. With over 1800 members, the association is a gateway to America’s iconic brands and some of the world’s most successful enterprises.

IFA offers opportunties for franchisors, franchisees, providers and others to network, train, and gain visibility in this resilient, dynamic economic sector. Through targeted communication, paid and earned media, events, and marketing channels, IFA reaches millions of senior executives, small business entrepreneurs, and professional services providers.

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